February Products of the Month

This month’s choices are a joint effort from Josie, our Marketing Manager; Ian, our Sales Director and June, our Accounts Manager. At Knees, we love talking about appliances – we drool over Dysons and get very excited about spin cycles and the latest colours of range ovens. This month we thought we’d share some of our thoughts about our favourite vacuum cleaners.

Ian, who started his 28 year career with Knees selling vacuum cleaners, is a huge fan of the Bosch Athlet. “I’m a total convert to this brilliant cordless cleaner. It’s versatile, easy to use, quick to charge and has up to one hour run-time on full power. We have two children, busy schedules and life in our house often revolves around the kitchen, which can get very messy very quickly. A daily vacuum keeps the floor clean before it gets out of control, making the bigger cleans just that bit quicker and easier. After so long in the business, I put my vacuum cleaners under a lot of scrutiny – the Bosch Athlet is definitely a good buy.”



Bosch Athlet Cordless – was £150, deal price £129.99


Dyson V8 Animal – was £449.99, deal price £329

Henry HVR200A

Henry HVR 200A – was £99.99, deal price £93

Marketing Manager Josie, however, will never be swayed from a Dyson, which causes a lot of heated discussion in the office. Josie has younger children, a cat and a very active hamster who likes to kick food and sawdust out of his cage!  “My V8 Animal sucks up all the cat hair and hamster debris, and has brilliant performance on my carpets and wood floor which look miraculously dirt-free even after the children have been in the woods or garden. Ian tells me that’s down to a powerful brush power and a digital motor! I usually get a decent amount of battery time – enough to whizz round the whole house. Added bonuses of the V8 are that it’s light to carry,  converts into a handheld vacuum which is brilliant for cleaning the car – plus it looks great.”

June, who manages our accounts, is loyal to her trusty Henry saying, “I don’t need a lot of high tech gadgetry in my vacuum. We don’t have a pet or children living at home and our free time is spent socialising with friends, going to the movies or shopping so I don’t need to worry about mud or too much mess. My Henry has brilliant suction, a good long cable and a massive 9 litre capacity so I don’t need to change the bag very often. It tucks away nicely under the stairs, I love its cheerful face – and you really can’t beat the price. It’s great value for money.”

All the vacuums mentioned here are included in our current vacuum deals – click here to see these and more deals.  

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